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Thank you, Terry.

I am really quite fond of my brain. Don’t get me wrong, it drew some frankly unhelpful conclusions early on in my life, but otherwise it’s fairly sound, and has looked after me through a lot of experiences that could easily have broken me. It has the ability to empathise with other people, and be nice to them. It’s also reasonably quick, and it likes to take on new information and Work Stuff Out.

I also like my brain because it’s a bit fucking weird sometimes.

It has always seemed to work against the tide of what’s happening around me. Often, it will be presented with the same information as other people get, but will run off in a different direction, ending out miles away from where it’s supposed to be.

It tends to take normal and unrelated ideas, and then mash them together, producing weird hybrid offspring thoughts – which more often than not I think are clever and hilarious, contrary to the raised eyebrows and blank faces around me.

Quite frequently, it will look at day-to-day stuff and see something ridiculous, other than what is supposed to be there; I am that annoying person who will laugh like an idiot and then say “Oh, it doesn’t matter…” when you ask why, because annoying you is less awkward than the sympathetic expression on your face when I try to explain.

My brain is in no way unique. It isn’t special in the way it works, but it is unusual enough that when I find another person whose brain does the same thing, I feel a joy and sense of connection that often changes the way I feel about life.

The first time I experienced that joy was reading a Terry Pratchett book. It was called Moving Pictures.

His brain was like my brain, but squared. His brain did weird conclusions, random thought leaps, and sharpness exponentially better than mine, and then wrapped it all up in a ribbon of good humour, genuine insight, irreverence and eloquence, topped with a bow made of warmth.

When I was a young person, lost in a sea of faces, places and events that I just didn’t recognise or feel part of, Terry Pratchett was a beacon. He was an open window in the darkness. He welcomed me in and showed me what it was like to feel at home, like I belonged somewhere.

Thank you, Terry.

Thank you for unwittingly being there when I needed someone. Thank you for your bravery and honesty. Thank you for always sharing yourself. This place isn’t as good without you in it.



Sweet; Liebster nomination!


Well, I have just been nominated for a Liebster award, and yes I had to Google what that was. Don’t get me wrong, I have done my research and I am aware that it’s not the Pulitzer Prize… Regardless, I genuinely feel honoured that someone has noticed my words, and they have resonated enough to stick in their memory.

I would like to say a massive thank you to The Bold Bluebonnet for the nomination, while I am not 100% sure on the rules, I believe they are fairly fluid and open to interpretation – you nominate X number of blogs, answer what your nominator suggested you answer, and then similarly propose a challenge for the bloggers you have chosen to nominate.

I don’t want to turn this into a car crash of a chain-blog, so fuck it – you can search it out and follow the prescripted rules, or make it up as you go along, or just simply take it as me saying “Hey, you guys are doing an awesome job!” and then read some more of the shit I write at the bottom of this post.

Without further ado, I would like to nominate the following blogs that I follow personally for being genuinely entertaining and worthy of your time;

The Hard Times – funny, sharp, vibrates on my wavelength.

Roswell Ivory – who doesn’t love a beautiful, smart, thoughtful redhead, right??

How To Be Myself – Jillian is awesome and I feel somewhat of a kindred spirit

ThorNews – Yeah, so I get a lady-boner for Scandinavian stuff, deal with it.

Life: A Scot in Norway – Norway, and Bergen in particular, is a place that captured my heart, and this blog is a way to relive it.

Lisa’s Project: Vegan – a recent addition to my interesting blogs, but one that really supports a lot of the things I have been doing with my life recently.

#Better Be A Hit – a young man who is living my dream! Give it back Aaron, damn you!

Pineapple Sage  – say hi to Chris who is a thoroughly lovely human being, on a level I simply am not capable of.

I was asked to answer an open-ended number of responses to the question “If you could sit down with a version of yourself from a decade ago, what would you tell them?” Well, holy shit. Where exactly am I supposed to start?? Here goes;

  1. Trust your gut, not your mind. Your subconscious self is always being honest with you even if your conscious self isn’t, so when something doesn’t sit right, doesn’t feel right, listen.
  2. Spend your time with people who value you for the same reasons that you value yourself. Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated (I wish I could claim responsibility for that quote, but I can’t.)
  3. Whilst good natured piss-taking is the backbone of any worthwhile human relationship, anyone who genuinely belittles you or sneers at you for anything you do or have done is deliberately trying to make you feel bad about who you are, or who you were. Fuck that, and fuck them. That’s bullying, and that is not acceptable.
  4. The people who you can choose to spend your life with should not make your life hard, or unhappy. If they do, you have made the wrong choice.
  5. You are allowed to make wrong choices. You are fallible because you are not a machine; you are subject to a brain that works on chemical reactions and historical experience. If you made a wrong choice, that does not make you a bad person, nor does it make you stupid; it simply makes you an actual human. Following on from that…
  6. You are allowed to walk away from a relationship or situation that makes you unhappy. You do not have to give a logical and detailed explanation, showing your workings. Being miserable is a perfectly valid reason to leave.
  7. You are shit at managing money. Accept it, own it. Go hungry/without beer/without holidays rather than get credit cards and loans. They genuinely are going to be one of the biggest regrets in your life.
  8. No-one else is necessarily right about how to live life, especially yours. Examine what you are doing and why. Life, mortgage, job, relationship, smoking, drinking – keep checking in with yourself to make sure that it is truly what you want, and not just want you think you should have.

That’s 8 points for 8 great blogs. Cheers, writing types!