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Islamic Scholars Present An Open Letter To ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi


By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi

A consortium of one hundred and twenty Islamic Scholars have placed onto the internet an Open Letter to Islamic State (ISIS) leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi denouncing the organization’s violent and extremist actions in the Middle East. The letter, in the form of an interactive website, provides the world with an opportunity to read a perspective of the Islamic State’s affront to civilization from an academic analysis by scholars. The letter addresses the fundamental and basis in canon for disputing the claims of Al-Baghdadi that his is the only pure and legitimate form of Islam–refuting his claims of divine assent.

The original, in the Arabic, is presently being translated into other languages. The English is presently available.

There has been unfortunately much misconception in the Western World that there lacks true dissent to the terrorist outrages in the Muslim World.  This letter can…

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If you EVER hear me complaining…

Every now and then, I get a really poignant reminder of how excellent and simple my life really is.

A few minutes ago, I was sat on the bus, on the way home after a couple of quiet pints in the pub watching the football. I was considering going back to bed for a few hours when I got home, before maybe listening to some music, or playing a PC game, or even just chilling out and catching up with some Youtube subscriptions that I am behind on.

Just then a woman – a little bit younger than me – got on with four small children, one of which was in a wheelchair, wearing a soft helmet, and methodically chewing his way through a section of carpet underlay. The other three, whilst being reasonably well behaved from what I understand about kids, spent the entire journey winding eachother up and testing their mother.

I haven’t always had things easy; I am not privileged and I have experienced my own fair share of trials. I have also fucked a lot of things up in my life, but I am deeply, DEEPLY grateful for the choices that I have made and where they have brought me to now.