Northampton, UK

Bio: First of all, if you're here because of the new foreword and disclaimer I wrote in the bible in the Premier Inn Gatwick, special hello to you. Come in, make yourself comfortable. I'm old enough to know better, but young enough not to care. I drift about on the tides of whatever has caught my attention in the short term, with very little thought to the long term consequences. I spent too many years doing the all of the things I thought that I should, buying into someone else's ideal of life, which never ever fit me. Now, I have binned all of that off, and I am just trying to be the very best me that I can be, for myself. I have a really simple take on things these days; if I'm not having fun, there is no point. That often results in me being a bit of a idiot...and then proceeding to tell everyone else about it. On that note, welcome to my blog!

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5 thoughts on “About

      1. Rob

        Look if u was really a Kzzinsky I want to know about my family name and wher I come from sorry it took so long to get back to u

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